What are Stomach Virus Symptoms!?

Stomach Virus Symptoms

Stomach Virus Symptoms Decrease in Several Days

Stomach virus symptoms are many, and no mater what cause them they are more or less the same. They usually appear several days after a person become infected. This period of time between the infection and appearances of symptoms is called incubation period. It depends on the cause of stomach flu, and can take from 1 day up to 14 days. More or less, it also depends on immune system of the host.

Stomach virus symptoms are the worst on the first and second day of their appearances. They can be very frequent and even appear several at the same time. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself having diarrhea and vomiting almost at the same time.

As I already mentioned, the most common symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. But it may happen that you experience stomach pain, as well as headache. Beside those, patient will probably experience: appetite loss, fatigue, mild fever, muscle aches, nausea, stomach cramps and chills. 

All these symptoms should last for several days with the increasingly rare occurrence and patient should get better in a several days. If these symptoms, especially diarrhea and vomiting, takes more than several days, and still continues with frequent appearances you should immediate visit your medical health provider and sick for special treatment. With frequent symptoms and if liquids are not replaced possibility of dehydration is very high. In this cases, hospitalization is recommended.

Do not use any medication, especially not on your own hand, since it can only worsen the illness. Stomach virus symptoms will decrease with time, and if you treat yourself with good liquid diet and wealth nutrition, you’ll get better in few days.

Foods you are consuming during symptoms occurrence should not be hard or solid foods, on a first several days, you must take only sips of water, tea or apple juice. When symptoms  decrease, you can start with some cooked rise, bananas or toast. More about this I will write special post about diet and treatment of stomach flu.

The most important thing with dealing with symptoms is to realize that they will decrease by time and that you have be disciplined with your nutrition even after they disappear at all, at least for several days.


Que Pasa Rafa? – A Champion Got a Stomach Virus!

Rafael Nadal Stomach Flu

Rafael Nadal Suffering From Stomach Flu

Stomach virus is not reserved for common people only, as you can see, it attacks champions too! First Hillary Clinton got it, and now Rafael Nadal.

In first case, case of Hillary, I can’t say I sympathize with her, since I don’t sympathize her 🙂 But this thing with Rafa, really upsets me, since I am his fan!

I was hoping that Rafa will soon recover from a knee injury, and that we will be able to watch him at the Australian Open. Unfortunately the great duels with Nole, Feder and Muray, will have to hold on until he recovers from stomach flu, which slowed down the knee injury recovery, by not allowing him to practice past week.

“My knee is much better and the rehabilitation process has gone well as predicted by the doctors,” Nadal said in a statement. “But this virus didn’t allow me to practice this past week, and therefore I am sorry to announce that I will not play in Doha and the Australian Open.”

Nadal’s doctor, Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, said in the statement that Nadal needed at least a week to recover from the virus, ruling him out for the Qatar Open set to start on Jan. 2.

“We consider not appropriate to play the Australian Open since we will not have enough preparation for a greater competition which is a Grand Slam tournament,” said Toni Nadal in the statement. “It is simply not conceivable that his first event is a best of five sets event, he wouldn’t be ready for that.”

Read the full story on huffingtonpost.com.

Stomach Flu – What Is That Thing!?

It has been a while since I started this blog about stomach flu, or it looks like that to me, since I had stomach flu, survived the symptoms, got better and on the and get back to a normal lifestyle. What an privilege to be healthy today! What a privilege to be healthy at all!

If you have stomach flu, and reading this post, I want you to know that I continued writing this lines because of you, to help you understand what is going on with your belly, and by that help you get better.

What is Stomach Flu - Reading a Lot

Read about stomach flu, later may be to late!

In  past days I was reading about this more than I have read in my whole entire life about anything, and now, I want to collect all this thoughts on this blog.

I don’t want to talk to much about what is stomach flu, since I think that everybody know it and are already aware of it. I would just shortly say that it is the same thing as gastric flu, and totally same thing as gastroenteritis. An inflammation and infection of stomach and intestines. There is no other explanation, and it is not worth to spend words on trying to be smart and say something new about it. It is that by definition and that’s all. However, if you wish to read more about it, here is my source for what is stomach flu.

There are some other other, more important things to talk about related to stomach flu, and those are causes, symptoms, treatment, how to prevent it, what are dangerous situations and so on. With this post, I would mainly like to say something more about dangerous situations of getting it and maybe a little more about causes, since cause is very serious topic and deserves far more than several lines. Did you know that causes are so serious that are treated as illnesses itself.

So let’s say you already know what is stomach flu, now I can tell you several things about what cause it! The main causes of stomach flu are divided in three groups by the type of microorganisms they belong to. So we deffer viral, bacterial and parasitical causes. Because of its causes stomach flu is very complex illness, and even its causes are took into account to be illnesses. This topic is very wide and I’ll write more posts about each of this causes. Now let’s go back to dangerous situations.

stomach flu - washing hands

Proper washing hands can protect you from getting stomach flu!

In general, any situation that happen to you during the day, can be potentially dangerous, especially if you poorly take care of personal hygiene, and again especially, if you don’t wash your hand as you should! I am trying to say, that viruses, bacteria and parasites are surrounds, or better say, leave with us in our everyday life. This implies that we are partially responsible if we get stomach flu. Touching contaminated things which don’t necessarily have to be organic and eating food without washing hands, can bring us unwelcome disease. Touching contaminated surfaces or objects, and after that touching food that you plan to eat later, will make that food become contaminated, so even if you wash your hands before your meal, but didn’t wash the food, you can get infection. My advice to you is to approach a little more serious to hand washing, and do it properly, with soap and not just water!!!

The second dangerous situation is more related to your relationship with already infected people. You have to take this very seriously  since the infection can jump from infected person to you in a bizarre situations such are greeting by hands shake or kissing. Hands shaking is related to your washing hands, but if you forget to wash them and put your hands/fingers in your mouth, you’re done, in a few days, if not tomorrow, you suffer from stomach flu symptoms. Kissing is more direct since your doors and their doors are ready to exchange the infection. If you know that someone is infected, don’t do this, never, if you don’t know, be careful!

Next dangerous situation may be, if someone very close to you is infected, and you have habit to share food, eat from same utensils, or drink from the same glass. These way you directly opened yourself to infection, and in a few days or even less, you can expect stomach flu symptoms to appear. “Sharing some meals is something I wish the world could do”, but it can seriously damage your health. In one situation, you can know that someone is infected, and you do that consciously, but in another, there are possibilities that your close person is not yet sick, but infected, and by that, you without knowing get sick. There is an paradox in this situation and it is, if your close person is not sick, but infected, and you get infection from him or her, you get sick before them, and later on when he or she get sick as well, you are in charge for spreading the illness 🙂

What Is Stomach Flu - Dirty Cheef

This guy probably doesn’t know what is stomach flu!

Some more situations are more related to external factors then they are up to you. Let’s say you are having a nice dinner in your favorite restaurant, and you order your favorite meal. You eat it, and you get stomach flu. Similar to previous case, here are two options (do not read if you have week stomach) :

1. food is contaminated itself – it is not properly washed, meat is to old…

2. someone from personnel is contaminated or infected – not experiencing symptoms, do something stupid, like liking fingers and than touching your food; or experiencing symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea and without washing hands, touching your food…

As you can see there is huge amount of possible situations of getting this thing, so huge that I could write them for days… Some of them depends on you and some of them do not.  

Do the things that depends on you with love to your self! Don’t blame if someone else brought it upon you! Stomach flu symptoms are, more or less passing in a few days, but you’ll learn a valuable lesson from it!

And for the and, there is a little catch with all this situations, you are not able to know if someone is infected or not, since the period of incubation depends from person to person, or better say form immune system to immune system.

Stomach Flu Doesn’t Ride this Horse Anymore, But…

Stomach Flu Doesn't Ride This Horse Any More

Stomach Flu Doesn’t Ride This Horse Any More

Friends and Fellows,

I proudly announce I am healed from stomach virus.

In one word, it was terrible!

I will continue writing this blog and stick to the topic for all you suffer from stomach flu.

This will be your source for information and navigation for healing.

I empathize with you and I wish you quick healing.

Win-Win or Double Win

stomach flu win win

Surviving The Day – Surviving Stomach Flu

So everyone survived The And of The World and we all win. Win against Mayas; I always liked them, but never believed in their prophecy, actually, what I believe is that they are misunderstood with the intent. However, for me this is double win since I survived stomach flu as well. Yes I did, waka waka.
So after this double win I feel really awesome. To be honest with you, I still have some symptoms, but I had diarrhea in my life occasionally, so I don’t mind if I have to visit my lovely toilet for few more times during day. By having stomach flu I had two great opportunities!

One was weight loss opportunity. Stomach flu brings you the opportunity to lose pounds, which is happening to me as well. I lost 3 and a half pounds which made me fit again, my stomach mussels become stronger and I feel like running! I haven’t been for a running for a while, and currently I am thinking it would not be bad idea at all. Just to gain some strength again, since I became week after those diarrhea and vomiting episodes.

The second opportunity which makes me even more happier, is quit smoking opportunity. AND I QUIT SMOKING….YES!!! I quit smoking since I had no will to smoke during stomach flu symptoms episodes, and even when I thought about cigarettes, it was in this way, I can do it, I can quit! The thing is that you think about them more than you really need them, Even now in this very moment, I am thinking about lighting one; I was always imagining myself as a guy who is writing down his thoughts on paper or blog, or whatever and smoking a cigar! But, no thanks, I am not lighting them again!

All together that’s 4 wins for me, win win win win…!!!

So on the and of this post, but not the and of the world, neither this blog, I have one conclusion: stomach flu is hell of a sickness, but it has its bright sides as well.


Stomach Flu Virus – The And Of The World

The and of the world by stomach flu!

The and of the world by stomach flu!

So I have been suffering for a while now, I hardly accept the fact that today is the and of the world, and I can’t get out. Stomach flu and its symptoms does not subside at all, what’s even worst, I think I’m visiting my lovely toilet more frequently than I did it in past days. This makes me even more exhausted, and I was hoping to take place on some The And Of The World Party. Obviously, no parties for me today, but at least I have my toilet and I do party in it 🙂

I was reading about stomach flu and possible causes of it. Believe me friends, the danger threatens from all sides. First of all, you never know who from your surroundings may carry a virus, in the least you can’t know that until that person finish in toilet as well, but this can be to late for you. So I decide whether not to think about who brought the virus to my stomach, since it’s mission impossible, but to think how and what can I do to prevent it.

Also an thought which is bothering me, if I got infected by an apparently health person, which appeared not to be health at all; who took it from me? I am pretty young, from my point of view, and and quite strong, with damn good immune system. I think I could carry, not just stomach flu virus, than any virus, for a days before I get symptoms of it, I am wondering how many people did I infect!? Knowing this didn’t make me feel any better, I even feel like an virus myself!

All this thing about sharing viruses makes me think, how easy it actually is to destroy the all human kind. Just like in those movies, “28DaysLater” and so on, you know what am I talking about…

The and of the world might night be this day, it also might not be predicted by Mayas, it can easily be managed and distributed by some modern day mad scientists.

Have a nice day friend, drink one beer for me too!

My Flu Diary

Welcome flu-feverish-friends, welcome to my diary, a diary about flu which is killing me, a flu that, by my opinion, can’t be more worst, a stomach flu which made me hate food, hate me, hate you, hate everyone around me, and most of all hate my damn lovely toilet! Here comes the smiley…

Being sick is not interesting at all, being part of group of sick people is even less interesting! Being sick is almost the same like being old, I am almost sure I have reed it somewhere, from some famous philosopher. Of course I can’t remember which one since it was in childhood. Only kids can love philosophy, kids and those who think they are wise, don’t know… Well, what I am sure is that they are very wise smart-asses, and that they know everything. In my personal opinion, they never brought nothing good to this civilization. In my another personal opinion, I don’t know if oldness and sickness are the same, I am only sick.

However, you are very welcome on my blog, vlog, diary…

((Ooooh… I just thought to quit with this, when I went in another tab to check if it is vlog or vblog, since spell check is correcting me (and now correcting about both), and I came back, I WAS ON THE LOGIN PAGE. DAMN… So I thought to give up, but, as I never give up, so quickly, I decided to try with log in and you know what, wordpress is an awesome tool, which saved my entry itself. Thank you wordpress, I would never start from the beginning, you know that, NEVER, you know that and that’s why you save everything, you want us to come back. No worries for interrupting me… 🙂 and please do not correct me all the time, my English is not perfect as I am not native! Here you are an picture of me, I know you love them)))

Yes it is me with stomach flu

Me, You, Everybody #Stomach Flu-Guys

So, as I already said, you, visitor, are very welcome (even more if you too have stomach flu), on this blog, vlog, diary, memories…whatever, about my relationship with toilet, bed, spoons of water, tea, and other dirty things, which I don’t want to name and talk about!

What will I write here, I don’t know, in every case, don’t expect anything wise, since I am not philosopher. I will write short and long thoughts in my flu-mood and probably never come back when I get better. So it may happen that I don’t come back never again after I publish these flu-words, if I publish them at all.

If you buy any case find something good, informative or even smart on this blog (or whatever), it was not with purpose, think twice before you take it seriously.

And now when I look back at those red lines under the words, I am going to publish this thing and start my adventure with stomach flu, you, spell-check red-lines, wordpress, and God knows what else, since he invented everything, even this stomach flu thing.

I hope you like the picture, I know we all look the same, if you think you look better than me, or anything better than anybody, you must be philosopher. You are philosopher, you are philosopher…no I’m kidding you, you are awesome. Not like me, I never kenw about what to bold and what to italic thing…

Get better, see you soon, or maybe never!